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Introducing... CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC (CBTS)



To Provide Flexible Business and Technical Solutions that Advance Your Company.
To Provide Certified Computer Security Engineering Solutions.
To Provide Flexible Financial Products that Amortize Project Costs.
To Provide Financial Products that Allow for Project Technical Changes or Technology Upgrades Without Changing the Financial Timeline.
5) To Provide 24/7 Technical Solutions that can Augment and/or Support Your Company's Business Plans.
6) To Provide Turnkey Technology Solutions that include Computer Technology Products, Services, and Training.
7) To Provide NEW Merchant and Retail (POS) Solutions to help Increase Business Net Profit and/or Accounts Receivables.

New Innovative Ways to Amortize Project Costs.

Increase Production  and Improve Your Competitiveness In The Marketplace without exhausting your budget!
CBTS Flex-Finance Contiguous Lease Options allow for Project Product Upgrades or Project Modifications without changing your lease amortization timeline.
Bullet Arrow CBTS Flex-Finance benefits you, the client, to start your project(s) now verses later. Engaging us will help you be more productive and competitive in the marketplace.
CBTS Flex-Finance allows you to Add our Products, Services, and Training thus providing you CBTS Flex-Turnkey Project Solutions.
CBTS Flex-Finance provides you Multiple Flexible Financial Solutions that traditional banks won't or cannot offer you in today's market.
Request our NEW Retail & Point of Sale (POS) Financial Solutions to help you Increase Business Revenues both Nationally and Globally.

Amortize and Expand Your Company's Infrastructure, in addtion to, Reducing Your Company’s Long-Term Real Estate Operational Overhead Expenditures.

Co-Location: Enhance your data center footprint. Implement Disaster/Recovery into your Hybrid Cloud, Extranets, Intranets, Enterprise-Wide Networks, Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks.
Increase Production and Improve Your Service Offering(s) to 24 Hours by 7 Days (24/7) a Week.
Forty-One (41) Data Centers and Nationwide Facilities: Scalable Business and Technical Solutions with Unlimited Geography.
Improve, Re-Engineer, and Optimize Your Call/Data Center(s) with our Professional Virtual Project Teams located at the CBTS Flex-Facility™.

Tier-4 National Data Centers with (24/7) Security and Reliability. Data Center Certification, Security, and Compliance is where we excel in the Marketplace.  Data Center Certification: NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPPA/HITECH Compliant, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3-Type 2, ITAR, HITRUST CSF Certified, ISO 27001, and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Improve Business Profits and Increase Production by Re-Engineering Your Operations.

Creative & Scaleable Business, Technical, and Training Solutions.

Increase Project Production with our Geographically Unlimited (24/7) Technical Project Staff called CBTS Flex-Tech.
CBTS Flex-Tech will help Improve your company's business competitivenes and Enhance your company's technical capabilities.
Engage CBTS Flex-Tech to staff your projects locally/nationally to Eliminate Local or Multi-State Labor Costs/Liabilities.
CBTS Flex-Tech provides the Flexibility To Change any of our assigned project staff due to new technical project requirements.






Project Management CompBase Training Courses

Management Consulting: Planning, RFPs/RFQs, Information Systems Evaluation, Vendor Management, Business Process Re-engineering. Crisis Management, etc.
Project Management Deliverables Include: Scope of Work, Total Quality Management (TQM), Defined "Work Plan", and Status Reports. Add-On Options: Business Managment Reports and Customized Project Training.
Research & Strategic Planning: Business/Technical Research, Planning, Evaluation, and Standardization For Improved ROI Results.
Computer Security Engineering & Information Assurance:Architecture, Policies, Planning, Procedures, Processes, Implementation, etc.
E-Commerce & Web Sites: Hosting, Design, Content Development/Editing, Implementation, Merchant Services, Support, and Security.
Software/Application Design & Customization: Data Warehouses, Call Centers (CRM), Databases, and Business Applications.
Networks & Telecommunications: Enterprise-Wide, Wireless, Wide/Local Area Networks, Re-Engineering/Optimization, and VPNs.
Extranets & Intranets: Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness with your Vendors, Supply-Chain, Manufacturing, Management, etc.
Point of Sale (POS) Merchant Services: Solutions for Retail, E-Commerce, Insurance Agents, Government, Commercial, Law Firms, etc.
Managed Services: (24/7) Installations/Upgrades/Maintenance/Support Services for your Networks, Business Applications and Web Sites.
11) Computer Forensics: Investigations, Audits of Investigators and Investigations, and Computer Hardware.
12) Creative Pre-Production: Company/Product Logo Design, Storyboard Art, Image Concept, and Script Writing.
13) Digital Imaging Production: Video, Film, Photography, and Software.
14) Post Production: Digital Editing, DVD, CD-ROM, Animation, Graphics, and Software.
15) Documentation: Instructional Design, Technical Writing, & Customized Training Course Development.

Enjoy ANew Training Experience With Your Peers !

Improve Business Profitability by Implementing CBTS Cross-Training Courses For Your Executives/Management and Staff.
CBTS Audience-Qualified Training guarantees Immediate Results and Customer Satisfaction. View our Training Course Schedule.
Implement CBTS Custom Training Development Program(s) to Promote and Stimulate Employee Growth.
Increase Employee Retention and Technical Competency with Planned, Continual, and Effective CBTS Training Courses.
Increase your Project Return On Investment by Implementing CBTS Maintenance Training.
CBTS Nationwide Training Facilities that are Ergonomic, Comfortable, and Hospitable.

Authorized Technology Reseller and Tier-1/ Tier-2 Provider:

Technology Reseller: Computer Security Products, POS Solutions, Computers, Software, Email, Networking Products, Peripherals, etc.
We are a "Value-Added" Technology Reseller. The value and benefits you gain when purchasing your products from us is that we have the engineering and technical skills to evaluate the "best-suited" products that fit your budget, your business requirements, and that are competitive in the marketplace.
We provide 24/7 Installation Services through CBTS Flex-Tech.
We provide Customized Training Services through CBTS Flex-Train. Additional training options can be found at CBTS Training Courses .
We provide direct Internet Connections/Bandwidth that are Scaleable & Upgradeable (i.e., ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, ISDN, TI, T3, Frame-Relay,) that can include SLAs.
We provide the credit card & payment processing options available for your new or established Retail POS Solution(s), E-Commerce Site(s), Web Site(s), etc.

Benefit from using and integrating all or a few of the

Increase Business Productivity Time weekly/monthly/yearly by Decreasing Vendors, Vendor Meetings and Telephone Calls.
CBTS Project Management Reports Improve Project Reporting, Status, and Communication.
Increase Business Profits by Implementing CommBase Technical Solutions' Innovative, Flexible, and Amortized Project Solutions.
Improve Your Market Competitiveness with our 24/7 Nationwide Project Solutions that include CBTS Flex-Tech and CBTS Flex-Facility™.
Increase Technical Production by Implementing the Best Project Resources Available in the Marketplace called CBTS Flex-Tech.
Promote Employee Retention & Advancement with CBTS Flex-Train.

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