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CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC has forty-one (41) Data Centers for you to select from and to use for your company's Hybrid-Cloud (Private and Public), Hosting, Co-location, and the Disaster/Recovery of your data and confidential information.   

Remember... ALL Data Centers are NOT the same! Data Center Certifications are necessary for Best Security Practices and Compliance. The location of your Data Center does matter and is very important for your Disaster-Recovery and for Cloud-based Implementations.We possess many Certified Security Credentials that are a bonus for you to engage for compliance, audit requirements, and training.

CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC has in-depth knowledge and many years of experience assisting clients with the following.

Forty-One (41) Data Center Facilities for Mergers/Acquisitions, Hybrid Clouds, 24/7 Solutions, Virtual Solutions, Entertainment/Music Solutions, E-Commerce, etc.
Arrow Bullet Data Center Certification, Security, Compliance, and Location is where we excel in the marketplace. Our credentials include: NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPAA Compliant, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3-Type 2, ITAR, HITRUST CSF Certified, ISO 27001, and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.
Arrow Bullet Point Data Center Locations Include: NV, AZ , OR, UT, TX, CO, FL, GA, KY, MN, NC, OH, TN, VA, PA, and Canada. Our data centers are not part of any other vendor (e.g., AWS). Our Data Centers are located in the states for the best Disaster/Recovery. We allow you to select the location.
Security Planning, Certification, Compliance, and Audit.
Disaster/Recovery Audits, Analysis, Planning, Implemenation, Maintenance, and Support. We allow you to select your location.
Compliant & Managed Co-location Solutions: Planning, Implementation, Augmentation, and Re-engineering. Edge Data Centers.
Relocation of Existing Data Center(s) to improve Security, Compliance, Certifications, and Disaster/Recovery.
New Data Center Design(s), Technology Planning, and Resource Planning.
Managed Services (i.e., SANs, Networks, Security, Product Installations, Bandwidth, Maintenance, Documentation, etc.)
Project Management that includes: Scope of Work, Detailed "Work Plan", Timelines, Implementation Plan, and Management Reports.
Business/Financial/Operations ROI Strategies and Planning. 
Data Center Power Requirements and Planning.
Cad Drawings/Designs for Equipment, Cabling, and “Heterogeneous” Networks.
Telecommunications Switches (data and voice): Connectivity Interconnection, IP Bandwidth, Trans-Pacific Connectivity, Network Management, Hyperscale Cloud Conconnects.

** If you have any questions about our facilities, services, and/or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us **.

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