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To Provide Our Clientele Creative and Effective Training Solutions That Focus On:

1) Information Retainment.

Training Courses That Address Society Issues & Business Problems (i.e., Identity Theft Prevention, Data Security, Unemployment, Computer Literacy, etc.).

3) Flexible Training Options (i.e., Classroom Training, Consumer/Business Seminars, One-on-One Training, Customized Training, and CBT (self-paced or CD-based Training).

4) Classroom Quality Control.




1) CommBase Technical Solutions LLC's has a dedicated training web site located at www.commbasetechnicalsolutions.com.

Our Introduction-Level Training Courses were developed to help First-time Computer Users, Parents/Families, Individuals Changing Careers or Re-entering into the marketplace, and those upgrading/purchasing new technology and/or computers. 

We offer business & consumer-based Informative Seminars that are short (2-3 hours) so you can fit them into your busy schedules.  Seminar Schedule Details...

We provide Certified and Technical Training Courses (i.e., Data Security, Network Forensics, Project Managment, Networking, Databases, etc.). 

Our Training Schedule will provide you multiple options to calandar your selected courses to fit within your personal/business schedule.


Customized Training


2) CommBase Technical Solutions offers "Customized/Tailored" and "One-on-One" Training:

We consult with you to identify your targeted business/individual training goal(s) and financial budget(s).
We tailor the appropriate training program(s) to meet your identified business requirements and targeted timeframe(s).
Professional Student Course Books are provided in all training classes.
Our Licensed, Certified, Degreed, and Experienced Instructors will provide you the effective training that you desire and select.
We schedule Follow-Up Meetings with Clients for customer satisfaction.






Training Benefits


Increased Employee and/or Individual Performance.
Improved Data Security Planning & Implementation.
Improved Business and Technical Planning.
Improved Yearly Business Net Profitability (ROI) based upon the results from a, b, and c listed above.
Attainment of New Business or Technical Skills to Gain New Employment or Career Advancement.
Improved Computer Literacy, Technical Vocabulary, and Technology Skills for businesses and/or individuals.

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