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CommBase Technical Solutions has a successful track record assisting clients with their various types of projects throughout the years. Our growth in the marketplace happened very quickly due to our unique skills to timely review, evaluate, and assess each client's business objectives, operation, existing infrastucture(s), and staff, in order to, determine how to best assist them with their targeted business goals and potential projects. Our consulting services will provide you many client benefits.


Strategic Planning & Design

CommBase Technical Solutions provides a 3-tiered approach to Strategic Planning and Design. We are intuitive and experienced in business, operations, and engineering. Our staff who performs these projects have held both upper executive positions and engineering positions in their careers. When we develop a formal design, we have to recognize that any technology rolls out into multiple departments within a company, hence, it has an overall financial and techncial impact. Our goal is to provide you a plan and design that not only meets your immediate business requirements but that also will grow with you so that you have at least a 2-3 year Retrun On Investment (ROI). We also adhere to the industry standards and best practices. Please visit our Project Management and Flex-Project Solutions for additional information.


Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

CommBase Technical Solutions focuses on all of the important topics (listed below) when doing any Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). This type of project will utilize many skills listed on our web site. We would have to discuss your business objectives with you to further clarify how to best address and scope out the best-suited project approach to meet your expectations.

Market Competitiveness: Businesses need to keep moving forward and advance themselves. This involves people, business processes, technology, and training.
Compliance: Businesses must stay current or keep up with the best practices, policies and procedures for their industry.
Security: This is an ongoing struggle for many companies and governement agencies to stay ahead of those who have criminal intent. (more details...)


Vendor Management & Negotiations

CommBase Technical Solutions has had a very long history in Project Management with various projects and vendors. This is one our top strengths in business to date. We have negotiated contracts for many large and small companies, including their legal departments. We are a technology reseller and we have negotiated many contracts with the manufacturer directly, in addition to, the distribution channels. We understand how to negotiate for our clients so that they receive the best possible results. We have the techncial aptitude to discuss issues with vendors so that we get you the results you are searching to receive.


Information Systems Evaluation

CommBase Technical Solutions has performed this service for many companies. Depending upon the circumstances involved, we provide our clients a formal document of our findings.

Some examples of why you would requst this service would be:

1) You have software running on hardware that is out dated.

2) Your company requires you to formally justify the need to upgrade technology.

3) Your company hired a new executive and upper managment needs new data/information to justify the project continuing or writing off the expense from the financials.

4) You do not have the time for your staff to take on these tasks.

5) You want a neutral-opinion based evaluation.


Business & Technology Research

Many of the executives and project managers at CommBase Technical Solutions have been in the industry 20-25 years. With that industry experience, we have seen many financial, business, and technological cylces and change throughout time. We have the engineering aptitude and successful experience to timely identify and qualify products in the marketplace and then match up their specs to your business/technical project objectives and goals. We provide you the end result..A Formal Report.


RFPs/RFQs & Vendor Standardization

RFPs/RFQ: Many companies and government agencies require RFPs or RFQs, in order to, purchase or upgrade technology, research/evaluate/engage products and services from companies, and to abide by the public or governement purchasing or grant guidelines. CommBase Technical Solutions has developed these documents, as well as, provided RFP responses to many companies during its tenure.

Vendor Standardization: This type of project involves researching the correct vendors and then benchmarking those products and technologies against each other per your business, technical, and financial requirements. Due to CommBase Technical Solutions being an authorized technology reseller and integrator for many years, we have a great deal of experience with many vendors participating/performing in Executive Briefings, Product Demos and Evalutions, Beta Testing, and Integration/Installations. Our focus in this project would be to act as your advocate so that we can timely assess, qualify, and get the results you are searching for without inidating your valuable time.

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