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CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC recognizes that business survival and market competitiveness are important concerns for all businesses. Keeping up with technology changes is a daunting task and difficult for many companies.  Our Management Consulting Services provide you assistance to accomplish targeted goals while augmenting your existing staff.  Our Project Management Service will provide your company the necessary insight and technical competency to help your business construct a strategic, secure, and scaleable 24/7 project plan to address your company's business/technical objectives and goals.

Project Solutions Can Include: Financing (CBTS Flex-Finance), Engineers (CBTS Flex-Tech), Products (CBTS Flex-Product), and Training (CBTS Flex-Train).

Network ServicesNetwork Services

Network Services


Our Technical Expertise: VPNs, Enterprise-Wide Networks, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Satellite, Wireless, WiFi, Cellular, Radio, Telecommunications (Voice and Data), Video, and VoIP. 

Network Services: Design, Security, Integration, Virtual Engineering, Optimization, Upgrades, Installation, Training, Support (24/7), and Network Forensics.

Network Devices: Cisco, Linksys, Sonic, 3Com, D-Link, Belkin, Netgear, 2Wire, SMS, Western Digital, etc
Mainframe/Mini Platforms: HP, IBM (ie., 3090, AS400, Risc/AIX), Amdahl, SUN Microsystems, DEC, Unisys, Cray, AT&T/Teradata (UNIX), etc.

PCs and Laptops: HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Apple, Gateway, eMachines, Sony, Fujitsu, etc.

Software/Applications: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, MS-SQL, Siebel Systems, Peoplesoft, Rational, Cognos, SAP, etc.

Network Operating Systems: Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT, Unix, Novell Netware, Linux, Solaris.

Gateways & Protocols: X.400, X.500, IMAP, MAPI, POP, SMTP, TCP/IP, XNS, AIX, SNA, etc.

Telecommunications (Voice and Data): Video, Satellite, Microwave, Wireless, WiFi, Radio, VoIP, VPN, etc.

Physical Layer/Cabling: Ethernet, Fiber Optic, ATM, Frame Relay, 10BaseT, Wireless, etc.


Data Center Services, Co-location, and Hosting

CommBase Technical Solutions has in-depth and established experience assisting clients with their Business Planning, Research, RFP/RFQs, Security, Technology Evaluations, Disaster/Recovery Planning, Crisis Management Planning, Vendor Negotiations, and Re-engineering of Data Centers, Network Control Centers, Call Centers, and Manufacturing Plants.

Please visit our dedicated web pages to learn more details... (Data Centers-click here)


Call Center Solutions and Optimization

CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC started assisting clients with their Call Center Solutions after we were invited to be one of the first three partners of Scopus Technology that was acquired Siebel Systems and then Oracle Corporation acquired Siebel Systems.

Some of our clients have included: Earthlink, Filenet, Schlumberger, Sunsoft/Sun Microsystems, Taco Bell, Pactel Cellular, Unocal, Scopus Technology, etc.

Our Software Technical Skills Include (details..): PeopleSoft, Vantive, Siebel CRM, Scopus CRM, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, DB2 Database, Sybase Database, Informix Database, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, FoxPro. Crystal Reports, etc.


Extranet/Intranet Design and Implemenation

CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC has established longevity in the marketplace and has completed numerous successful projects throughout its tenure. Planning effective Extranets and Intranets takes years of competent experience in Security Planning, Software/Databases, Networks (voice and data), Business Process Re-engineering, E-Commerce, and Training.


Client Benefits

Our proven business & technical experience will assist you to achieve your company's goals and accomplish cost-effective results.

1) CommBase Technical Solutions LLC's Project Designs include the best practices standards that are widely accepted and utilized in the publicaly-traded companies and within the governement. We offer you our experience that includes: Securiy, Network Forensics, the OSI Model, Standards Committees, Vendor Negotiations, Product Installation and Integration, Optimization, Support (24/7), and Training.

2) allow you the flexibility of choice when selecting our project services to solve your business issues effectively, virtually, competently, successfully and in a timely manner. Please visit this section on our web site home page.

3) Global Enterprise Network ...your “Heterogeneous Universal Data Highway”. Your success in arriving to your destination and achieving your business goals within a Global Enterprise Network are dependent upon you having a Planned Roadmap that will securely, effectively, and efficiently assimilate, communicate, control, and seamlessly transfer the information (data) to the identified facility, computer system, and/or device located nationally and/or internationally.

4) Total Quality Managment (TQM) throughout the Life of Your Project: Project Management, Strategic Project Plan(s), Layout/Design, Planned Security, Successful Implementation/Roll-Out, Crisis Management Planning, Disaster-Recovery Planning, Maintenance, Optimization, Upgrades/Migration, Management Reports, and Effective/Updated Documentation.

5) Tier-1 Provider: We Provide the Best Possible “Direct Connection” to the Internet Backbone.

Your Guaranteed Benefits Include:

No Latency or “Bottlenecks” in your connection to the Internet Backbone.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Available with Engineered Reliability.
Scaleable and Upgradeable Bandwidth (SDSL, ISDN, TI, T3, Frame-Relay, etc.). Customized solutions to meet your business goals and expansion requirements.




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