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CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC is a strategic Security Solutions-Driven Consulting, Engineering, and Training Company. We are headquarterd in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We are a privately-held minority-owned company. Dependent upon your business requirements, strategies are developed, project responsibilities are assigned, and action timetables are put in writing. Our services will assist you to enhance, streamline, and improve your business/technical operations and/or processes while recognizing and adhering to your marketing and financial goals.


CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC can provide you the Best Qualified Business and Technical Project Staff available in the USA. Our unique Flex-Project Solutions and 24/7 Virtual Engineering Solutions can help you your company advance and improve market comtitiveness while Amoritzing Project Costs, providing Data Security, and enhance your Disaster/Recovery Plans.


CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC has many professional certifications in Data/Cyber Security that includes being a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA). We have Top Secret and Secret Government Clearances.  Our established experience, credentials, and competencies will provide your company many benefits for any project engagement. 


CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC provides Management Consulting, Project Management, 24/7 Technical Resources, Technology Products, Nationwide DataCenters, Software/Database Solutions, Project Financing, and Training that are superior in the marketplace.  Our effective Project Documentation is beneficial for soft/hard audits, technical support, reorganizations, acquisitions, and mergers. Every project that you engage CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC will provide you a Financial Return On Investment result. We Identify, Research, Design, Implement, and Train you on the “best-suited” technologies available to achieve your long-term strategic business goals. We provide you the insight, awareness, and effective communication skills needed between your staff, departments, subsidiaries, and vendors to successfully optimize, design, or implement technologies and business processes.


CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC offers Unique Financial Programs that can assist you to help fund your projects more easily while allowing you to define an amortization schedule that can include upgrades for hardware, software, maintenance, training without changing your planned timeline. (More Details)


CLIENTELE - (Partial List By Industry)

Software & CRM:
EOS International * Filenet* Information Quest * Scopus Technology * Siebel Systems * Sunsoft/Sun Microsystems
AutoNation Marketing * CableRep Advertising * Cox Communications * Createch * McCoy Marketing
Apria Healthcare * Abbey Home Healthcare * Alcon Surgical * Sunquest Information Systems Inc.
St. Jude Medical Center * Henry Ford Hospital * Fountain Valley Hospital * Toledo Hospital * Ingham Medical
Credit & Finance:
Experian Credit Information * TRW Credit Information Services * TRW Business Credit
Rockwell International (Automotive) * General Motors (all divisions) * Furon * Saint-Gobain
Dell * Hewlett-Packard * Compaq * United Technologies
Barnes & Noble * CompUSA * Escada * Petco * Staples
Allergan * Amgen * Baxter Healthcare * Edward Life Sciences
Call/Data Centers: Earthlink * Filenet * Verizon * SBC
Petroleum (Oil/Gas):
Unocal * Schlumberger
Aerospace & DoD:
Northrup-Grumman Data Systems
AT&T * Nortel * SBC * Time Warner
Carl Karcher Enterprises * Taco Bell * Hof's Hut
Real Estate:
TRW Real Estate * Wellington USA LLC * Country-Wide
Airtouch Teletrak * Airtouch Cellular * Pactel Cellular
Sony Entertainment * Warner Bros.
Colonial Insurance * Healthnet
Pomerory * Future Tech * ISA * Advantage MicroSystems
Placement Agencies:
Resources Connection * Deloitte-Touche * Global Opportunity Ltd.
Wedbush Securities * Autumn Capital Investment
Saddleback College
Cash Advance Retail:
Cash Stop
Liberty Diamonds
Web Sites:
Web Site Portfolio (click here)



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