Creative “ Idea” Pre/Post Production:

The creative staff of CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC (CBTS) can timely translate your business ideas into realistic and cost-effective marketing that can include visual entertainment.

CBTS Creative Staff can assist you in the design, development, and rollout phases of your Marketing/Advertising/Sales, Web Site, and Training Projects. We have the staff and experience that will assist you to get your company or products positioned to be on the competitive “edge” that you’ve been striving for while recognizing the net results of your business investment(s).

CBTS Creative Staff’s Expertise and Experience Includes:
Advertising Specialists, Sales and Marketing Specialists, Instructional Designers, Technical Writers, Vertical Business Specialists, Art Conceptual Designers, Art Illustrators, Trainers, Storyboarding, Script Writers, Casting (Models, Actors), Cameramen, Graphics/Web Designers, and Engineers (Telecommunications, Hardware, Software, Databases, and Programming).

Video Pre/Post Production:

CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC (CBTS) has the Production Facility and Professional Cameramen to create the video for your business objective(s).

CBTS Production Staff has produced commercials, film, and video in the Film, Entertainment, and Commercial Industries.

CBTS technical and business experience (over 25 years), vendor relationships, and knowledge will assist you in the planning, design, production, and implementation of your video-based projects.

CBTS can assist you in streaming video over the Internet at our 24x7 International/National Tier-1 Data Center.

CBTS offers flexible & scaleable bandwidth to implement in your Virtual Solutions. We can also provide you telecommunications bandwidth (data) to be installed at your own facility.

CBTS Video Production will enable you, your customer(s), and audience(s) to view your videocast at the best optimal resolution and speed available with reliability. We also provide encoding, compression, reformatting services.

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