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We have serviced many retail-based clients that have included Escada, Barnes & Knobles, Staples, CompUSA, Petco, small business retail clothing boutiques, Bank of America, etc.  Some of our restaurant-based clients have included Carl Karcher Enterprises, Taco Bell, and Hof's Hut.

In 2005, CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC started providing our 24/7 CBTS Flex-Tech Services to many retail business that are included on our partial Client List.

From 2006-2008, CommBase Techncial Solutions, LLC became the Preferred Service Partner for CompUSA.

In December of 2008, CommBase Technical Solutions became an authorized Agent of First Data Corporation, dba FDIS #110044, in order to provide Credit Card Merchant Services, POS Solutions, and turnkey e-Commerce Solutions.

To request information, please call (702) 785-7720, ext. 1069


CommBase Technical Solutions Newest POS Solutions and Credit Card Merchant Services Offered

Petroleum Point of Sale (POS) FDIS Solution

Retail Point of Sale (POS) FDIS Solution

Restaurant Point of Sale FDIS Solution


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