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Our experience and successful track record in Management Consulting and Project Management will provide you many long-term business benefits. We ask the right questions to each vendor to properly qualify them during our research, evaluations, and benchmarking process. Our "hedge-intelligence" circumvents any marketing hype to quickly get to the bottom line for effective timley results. Protect your time and budget now by engaging CommBase Technical Solutions LLC. View our certified credentials, competencies, and established experience below by selecting or clicking on any "Enter" link.

Covid-19 Announcement: Do you have a Social Engineering Disaster/Recovery Plan for the financial survival of your company?

Remember that anyone can be infected with the Covid-19 virus any time, anywhere, and by anyone. Cross-training and advancing the skills of your staff is more crucial, critical, and necessary now than ever before. Many companies need to remain in compliance which usually requires having certified credentials. What if any of your key executive(s) or key staff got infected and/or they got terminally ill? Who is the backup? Do they have the required certifications now? To start your Social Engineering Disaster/Recovery Plan requires action: 1) View our Certified Training Courses, our Training Class Schedule, and our Training Course Descriptions. 2) Identify the individual(s) who would best fit your compliance requirements. Examples of your backup person could be a current employee or someone who was furloughed/laid-off or a part-time employee. 3) Enroll these individuals immediately for the required training courses. 4) CommBase Technical Solutions can assist you with your plan to obtain the certification(s) that will maintain your compliance. We hope all of you stay safe.


Enter... Data/Cyber Security & Compliance Solutions - CISA, HIPPA, CGEIT, CRISC, CISM, CISSP, CCSP, COMPTIA, CSSLP, PCI


Enter... 24/7 Virtual Engineering Solutions - Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Secure Data Backup, Extranets, Co-location


Enter... Certified & Secure Software Solutions - Applications, Customized Databases, and E-Commerce Sites


Enter... Mobile Device Management - Anti-Theft/Loss Prevention & Data/Cyber Security


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