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Features & Benefits For EP-1, EP-2, and EP-3 (Listed Below) - Be Proactive NOT Reactive. BUY NOW!

Arrow/BulletCertified Data/Cyber Security Professionals with Government Secret Clearances. View CommBaseTech's Certifications & Credentials Here
Arrow/BulletCustomized Loss-Prevention (Anti-Theft) and Security Plan: It is your Mobile Device, your Data, and your Financial Investment. You decide what works for you and your life style.
Arrow/BulletSnapped Picture of the Mobile Device Intruder (e.g., Security Breach): CommBaseTech has the best solution for you to quickly recover your Mobile Device if it becomes lost/missing or stolen. If anyone tries to access your phone to invade your privacy or violate company policies, then SNAP, you have their picture that will be sent to you without them knowing.

Arrow/BulletSnapped Picture & Geographical Map Locator of the Thief: If your Mobile Device is stolen, CommBaseTech can quickly identify who has your phone with the exact location(s) and real-time picture(s) of the thief while he/she is on move. Mobile Devices get stolen in busy public places. WHO has your phone and WHERE are they? We can provide both results.

Arrow/BulletCommBaseTech's Mobile Device Anti-Theft Alarm: What do you do when you leave your phone at a public location and/or cannot remember where you had it last? Imagine a loud alarm going off from your phone, no matter if your mobile device is locked or not. The mobile device will also display an "Emergency Call Button" to be pushed if the device is locked and then disply your Mobile Device Recovery "Ticker Tape" Instructions" and a "Call Button" with the alarm. The sound of the alarm cannot be turned down or turned off until after the "Call Button" is selected. The person who found your mobile device will then be automatically connected to your Emergency Contact Person(s) that you designated in your Customized Loss Prevention Plan submitted to CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC. We can remotely repeat and ignite the additional remote alarm(s) to be sent to your missing device until it is recovered.
Arrow/BulletMobile Device Protection: Eliminates corrupt messenger notifications, malicious links, and malicious videos (i.e., Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) that "root out" devices.
Arrow/BulletSuperior Anti-Virus Protection: Behavioral Blocking and IoA Detection. Protects device by Real-Time Scanning of Web Site Pages and URLs from Infections. Blocks malicious applications downloads and scans email and attached files. Largest Signature Database and Behavioral Intelligence (2005-2020). Signature database updates every 15 minutes (24/7). The larger number of signatures equates to a higher capacity of computer protection. Protects against Root Kits, Ransomware, Viruses, Malware, Exploits, Spyware, Hacking Tools, Phishing, Trojans, and Unknown Infections that could root-out (destroy) your device and what is stored on it. Hardware manufacturer warranties and insurance policies do NOT cover "rooted out" mobile devices.
Arrow/BulletGoogle Play Store Protection & YouTube Protection: Blocks infected videos streamed from YouTube. Don't assume that Google Play and YouTube will protect your device because they will not. Scans and Prevents Malicious Files and Applications downloading from the Google Play Store. Anything you download or any file sent to you in an emailed attachment can have infections in it. Malware, Ransomware, and Exploits are the new infections that destroy mobile devices.
Arrow/BulletMobile Device Online Banking Protection: Protect yourself before you have a Financial and Identity Problem. If you perform any financial transactions on any Mobile Device, you need this Data Security and Anti-Theft Protection. There are many ways to get Identity Theft and Data Breaches. This is a huge issue on any Mobile Device because many people store pictures of your checks, transmit information about your identity, etc. These devices have things on them to activate others to get on your devices like Google Pay at the gas pump, NFC, etc.
Arrow/BulletCorporate Mobile Device Security & Management: Any Mobile Device that is allowed on any corporate network needs this type of protection. Without it, your company's infrastructure is exposed. If you are a hospital, a vendor to a hospital, and in healthcare you must be HIPPA Compliant and PCI Compliant. CommBaseTech can assist you to be compliant.
Arrow/BulletEmail Protection: Many people get email messages on their phones. Some log into corporate infrastructures to access email too. You must have Anti-Virus Protection on your Mobile Device for accepting or sending any emails. If your device is infected and you attach documents to your emails that you send to others, you are spreading your device's infections. You can be held financially liable for data security breaches, infections, and damages to others. Act proactive and get your mobile device protected.
Arrow/BulletLock Your Mobile Device: We have the ability to lock your device for any emergency you deem necessary to protect your data and information.
Arrow/BulletEncrypt Your Mobile Device Data: Depending upon your job and information stored on your Mobile Device, CommBaseTech can assist you to encrypt your data.
Arrow/BulletErase Your Mobile Device Data: Depending upon the circumstances, CommBaseTech can locate your device upon your written request and erase the data from your device. This procedure is done upon a client's request ONLY. We have procedures to follow your instructions for this to happen.
Arrow/BulletMulti-lingual Mobile Device Solutions: All of our security products are multi-lingual.
Arrow/BulletCommBaseTech's Security Research and Benchmarking Policies: CommBaseTech offers the best solutions verses many inferior products (i.e., Symantec/Norton, McAfee, Kapersky, etc.). CommBaseTech's Security Solutions are heavily researched, competitively benchmarked, and tested against many alternatives. Our research has identified that many well known security solution companies allowed their software "source code" to be given/exposed to Russian Penetration Testers instead of engaging the many USA software security penetration testers. This is a clear example of a product security risk to anyone in the USA who installs these brands of exposed software on their computers. Kapersky is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Most cyber criminals come from Asia, Russia, and Nigeria. We also track company acquisitions and mergers to identify what happens to products during those situations. Symantec recently just sold its Enterprise Security Line (Norton) to Broadcom (Caution - a hardware vendor NOT a security vendor). These are important and relevant criteria to consider for any security product decision.


MOBILE DEVICE SECURITY & ANTI-THEFT PRODUCT PRICING - (click on the sku# below to purchase)

CommBaseTech Mobile Device Anti-Virus and Anti-Theft Security (EP-1): Initial Setup of CommBaseTech's Anti-Theft & Anti-Virus Android Mobile Device Service for one (1) year per device.

CommBaseTech Mobile Device Anti-Virus and Anti-Theft Security (EP-2):Initial Setup of CommBaseTech's Android Mobile Device Anti-Theft & Anti-Virus Service for two (2) years per device.

CommBaseTech Mobile Device Anti-Virus and Anti-Theft Security (EP-3): Initial Setup of CommBaseTech's Android Mobile Device Anti-Theft & Anti-Virus Service for three (3) years per device.

NOTE: You will be sent a confirmation email after your purchase. We will also send you an email/text to re-confirm and/or schedule your product installation date and time.

CommBaseTech Mobile Device Security EP-1
CommBaseTech Mobile Device Security EP-2
CommBaseTech Mobile Device Security EP-3
$ 150.00 for One (1) Device per 1 year
$ 250.00 for One (1) Device per 2 years
$ 330.00 per One Device per 3 years
$ 300.00 for Two (2) Devices per 1 year
$ 500.00 per Two (2) Devices per 2 years
$ 660.00 per Two (2) Devices per 3 years
$ 450.00 for Three (3) Devices per 1 year
$ 750.00 per Three (3) Devices per 2 years
$ 990.00 per Three (3) Devices per 3 years
$ 600.00 for Four (4) Devices per 1 year
$1,000.00 per Four (4) Devices per 2 years
$1,320.00 per Four (4) Devices per 3 years
$ 750.00 for Five (5) Devices for 1 year
$1,250.00 per Five (5) Devices per 2 years
$1,650.00 per Five (5) Devices per 3 years
$ 900.00 for Six (6) Devices for 1 year $1,500.00 per Six (6) Devices per 2 years $1,980.00 per Six (6) Devices per 3 years
$1,050.00 for Seven (7) Devices for 1 year $1,750 per Seven (7) Devices per 2 years $2,310.00 per Seven (7) Devices per 3 years
$1,200.00 for Eight (8) Devices for 1 year $2,000.00 per Eight (8) Devices per 2 years $2,640.00 per Eight (8) Devices per 3 years
$1,350.00 for Nine (9) Devices for 1 year $2,250 per Nine (9) Devices per 2 years $2,970.00 per Nine (9) Devices per 3 years
$1,500.00 for Ten (10) Devices for 1 year $2,500.00 per Ten (10) Devices per 2 years $3,300.00 per Ten (10) Devices per 3 years
More than 50 devices - contact us
More than 50 devices - contact us
More than 50 devices - contact us

NOTE: We are updating our web site daily and adding a new shopping cart shortly. To purchase a number of products that you do not see listed above, we recommend the following options. Email your request to e-sales@commbasetech.com and/or call us at (307) 773-0124 or (702) 785-7720. Alternative Purchase Option #1: We can create a customized secure payment link and email it to you for the number of licenses you want to purchase. Alternative Purchase Option #2: Call us and we can accept your credit card payment over the telephone and email you the receipt. Alternative Purchase Option #3: Example of purchasing 10 licenses would be to select 5 Device sku#S405 and pay it then come back to this web page (automatically happens after any purchase) and select 5 Device sku#405 a second time to pay it. Those two (2) payment transactions would equal 10 devices paid.



If you Surf the Internet, your Apple devices ( iPhone and/or iPad) are NOT protected by Apple.We have product(s) that will help prevent your iPhone and iPad from being rooted out (destroyed) and to protect it from Malware, Ransomware, and Exploits. We are adding this product line to our web site so contact us or stay tuned to our web site as updates are posted daily.



CommBase Technical Solutions, LLC offers every client the CommBaseTech Mobile Device Management Solutions. We can customize our On-Demand Service to cater to your personal and/or business Security, Mobile Device Management, and Loss Prevention Best Practices.

Our services include 24/7 Mobile Device Service Alarm Monitoring, On-Demand Mobile Device Service Alarm Monitoring, 24/7 Loss Prevention Service, On-Demand Loss Prevention Service, 24/7 Mobile Device Management and Data Retention, etc.

Contact Us for more information or to request a quote/proposal.

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