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Everyone is exposed to security breaches no matter if you are a company, a government agency, or an individual. The benefits to implementing the best proactive data security will far exceed the time and costs of any data breach!

CommBase Technical Solutions provides Elite Security Services to those companies and entities who want to be ahead of the "hacker", "cracker", and criminal. These cyber criminals are continuously trying new ways to penetrate/infriltrate your personal and/or company's mobile devices, computers, routers, networks, data centers, call centers, in addition to, stealing your credit/bank data, both nationally and internationally.  

Beware: Your data/information on your mobile device(s) and on your computer(s) can be hacked into by anyone from anywhere at anytime. Your mobile devices (i.e., cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.) are not protected by any hardware manufacturer. Getting anything for "free" is not how anyone should select a Data Security Solution for any device. When you are surfing the Internet, checking your email, receiving messages from LinkedIn or Facebook, it is important for you to proactively learn what is necessary to prevent and/or reduce computer predators and "hackers" from harming your devices. The ongoing attempts to seize your personal, family, and business financial information/data will continue unless you take action now. Software programs on any mobile device or computer can have exposure points. If you do not have them protected correctly with the best solution then you will get compromised because it is only a matter of time when it will happen to you. We are considered "experts" in data/cyber security.

CommBase Technical Solutions's Data/Cyber Security Services: We continuously benchmark security products as the "expert" so that we can offer you the best products nationwide/worldwide to protect your mobile devices, computers, networks, and company infrastructures. We provide Compliance Evaluations, Security Audits (Internal & External), Business Security Planning, Infrastructure Security Design & Re-engineering, Certified Security Training, Security Product Installations & Migrations, Disaster/Recovery Planning, Security Process Management, Emergency/Crisis Management, RFPs/RFQs, and Network Forensics.

CommBase Technical Solutions has many Security Certifications (listed below), Exceptional Technical Competencies, and Successful Proven Experience to assist your company or government agency to proactively plan and effectively implement the appropriate security specifications, procedures, processes, and best technologies that are required or needed for you to be compliant and secure.  The areas of security, management, controls, business processes, computer defense, and Identity Security are ever changing and expanding daily.

CommBase Technical Solutions provides Security Training Courses that are listed on our Training Course Schedule.

Data/Cyber Security Certification
Department of Homeland Security Certification
CMAS - Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist
(DHS-CVI) - DHS Chemical Verification Incident
CAS-IR - Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist-Incident Response
Certified Homeland Security - III
CAP- Certified Authorized Professional
IT Audit Certification
Software Security Certification
CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
CSSLP - Certified Secure Software Life-Cycle Professional
Risk Management & Enterprise Security Certification
Management Data Security Certification
CGEIT - Certified Governance Enterprise IT
CISM - Cerified Information Security Manager
CRISC - Certified Risk & Information Systems Control
CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CCSP - Certified Cloud Security Professional
ISSMP - Information System Security Management
CEA - Certified Enterprise Architect
Technical Engineering Data Security Certification
Advanced Technical Security Engineering
CompTIA Security +
Security Modeling & Simulation
SSCP - Systems Security Certified Practitioner
Security Management
SCNA - Security Certified Network Architect
Security Tools
SCNP - Security Certified Network Professional
Disaster-Recovery Certification
MBCI - Member of the Business Continuity Institute



Our technical security assessments, evaluations, and audits of your business/entity will be conducted relative to your industry type, state and federal government requirements, best practices, vendor interfaces, ISO standards, customer contract requirements, etc.   We adhere to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) for government projects.  Upon engaging us for your specific project(s), the end result(s) can include:

1. Certified Audits (i.e., Internal, External, and Compliance)
2. Disaster/Recovery Planning, Implementation, and Support.
3. Computer/Data Security Engineering, Implementation, and Support. 
4. WiFi Certifications.
5. HIPPA Standards & Certifications.
6. PCI Compliance. 
7. Network, Application, and Systems Certification & Accreditation.
8. Threat/Vulnerabilities Assessments.
9. Information Assurance.
Modeling & Simulation.
11. Certified Security Training, Customized Training, and Project Team Development.
11. Documentation
12. Computer Security Product Reseller, Installation, Updates, and Support.
13. Mobile Device Security Product Reseller, Installation, Updates, and Support.
















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