Project Management


CommBase Technical Solutions's established project experience and technical competencies will give your company and its management staff the necessary insight to help guide your company's identified project(s) to completion, to be finished on time, and adhere to your planned budget(s) and business goals. We are well versed, acknowledge, and follow the best practices model(s) regarding software development, network design, infrastructure planning, and service/support.

Our experience stems partly from our Project Managers being former Senior Corporate Executives, Senior Technical Management, and Senior Business/Technical Consultants in the marketplace. We are experienced and cross-trained on different technologies, we have an in-depth knowledge on how to implement technological changes effectively, timely and cohesively. Our staff has been responsible for financial budgets, managing employees/departments/vendors, and negotiating contracts.

Our Project Management Expertise:

Infrastructure Architechure, Technology Research, Technology Standardization, RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs.
Software Development, Databases (i.e, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS-SQL, DB2), Data Marts, Data Warehouses, and Intranets.
Call Center Re-engineering/Optimization (CRM), Data Center Migration/Relocation, and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).
Networks: Enterprise-Wide, WANs,VPNs, Wireless, and LANs.
Electronic Data Security, Extranets, and ERP Systems.
Documentation: Disaster/Recovery, Crisis Management, Instructional Design, and Technical Writing.

Project Managment Deliverables:

1) Total Quality Management (TQM) Throughout The Life Of Each Project.
2) A Project Scope of Work (Formal Project Plan).
3) Defined "Work Plan" That Includes Targeted Tasks, Task Assignments, Task Deliverables, and Deadline Dates.
4) Defined and Up To Date Timelines Using Microsoft Project Software.
5) Project Technical Documentation: Weekly/Bi-Weekly Project Status Reports.
6) Project Business Documentation: Management Reports That Can Be Used For Disaster/Recovery and Crisis Management.
7) Project Implementation and Support Training That Can Be Used For Management, Technical Staff, and Targeted Users.

Business Management Reports (Disaster/Recovery and Crisis Management Documentation):

CommBase Technical Solutions' Business Management Reports help to ensure that your department's budget is adhered to, communication is effective, project issues/updates are documented, and project results are achieved with customer satisfaction.

These types of reports are a historical documentation trail, an audit trail, and a project resource tool for the company and for your executives/management when the following occurs:

Acquisitions and/or Mergers.
Reorganizations and/or Downsizing.
Regular Departmental or Employee Changes (i.e, Vacations, Promotions, Retirement, Resignations or Terminations).
For those who become new to the project and/or those who need to make financial/technical decisions on the project.


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